Meditations on 3D Modeling

We have spent our time recently on 3D modeling techniques and methodologies for use in Digital Humanities projects. These tools allow for previously impossible renditions of historical places and things, but they aren’t a universal cure-all; they aren’t inherently better or more effective than any other tool of historical analysis. However, the right kind ofContinue reading Meditations on 3D Modeling

Hacking The Humanities: Web Mapping 101

Web-Mapping and GIS: This week’s assignment was an introduction to the world of Web-Mapping and Geographic Information Services (GIS).¬†GIS platforms allow users to display, interact with, and curate spatially referenced data. GIS is an extremely powerful tool used in Business, Health & Human Services, Transportation Projects, Education, Academia, and more. It is also a usefulContinue reading Hacking The Humanities: Web Mapping 101